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    Castalinia McCoy-Redmond

    It is great to know that there are legal personnel out there that are willing to help veterans in need that do not have the financial means to hire lawyers. Im in a dituation myself and didnt know about this til now but to know it now is a PLUS!!


    Glad to hear it Castalinia - that's the reason I'm doing this! Thanks for reading!


    As a viet nam vet i have had trouble with employeers who listen to one side of the story I was terminated from a 4 yr job on 2/22/08 reason a illegal worker in our factory said that i made a racest comment with no proof or any thing to substantuate i wes fired I am having a very hard time now and i can not find any lawyer to represent me I also have a 1 yr contract that was taken from me (breach of contract) Is there any lawyer who can assist me??? please help iam out of workand stressed out about Help

    J. Hamilton

    I am an Army veteran in California that is being sued by my business partner. I have absolutely no money. I need free leagal assistance. Can anyone direct me to a legal service that will help me?

    roger yoder

    looking for help with recieving purple heart v. a. said no but d id finally find medical records

    Michael C. Cole

    I have a disability rating, am trying to get hired by CHP. I passed everything but they won't hire me because of my rating. I have an appeal date, but no representation. I have two letters from independant doctors saying I can do the job. I have wanted this job since I was very young (dad works for CHP).

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